Topolová 828, 289 24 Milovice, Czech republic

ARETE Park Milovice is located near the D10 and D11 highways and near the Prague ring road. Milovice is within driving distance of Prague, Mladá Boleslav, Liberec or Dresden, which makes it an ideal location for the automotive industry. Company AAS Automotive s.r.o. is the long-term tenant, which is part of the strong international company Decotek Automotive. Decotek specializes in the production of longitudinal and transverse roof racks. The site covers an area of more than 8,000 sqm. The park also has free land for further expansion.

8 162 sqm

Leasable area

10 770 sqm

Development opportunity

0 sqm

Available spaces

  • Grid system: total grid system 50 x 150 m
  • Clear height: 12,5 m
  • Building structurre: Reinforced Concrete
  • Fire safety: EPS, hydrants
  • Floor load capacity: 5t/m2
  • Lighting: classic fluorescent lamps/LED
  • Docks: 2 ramps + 1 lowered ramp
  • Prague: 48 km
  • Mlada Boleslav: 28 km
  • Liberec: 76 km
  • Dresden: 182 km


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