Lovosice II

Průmyslová 1190, 410 02 Lovosice, Czech Republic

The location is in the immediate vicinity of the D8 motorway towards Germany. In ARETE Park Lovosice there are two storage and production halls and expansion plots for the construction of 11,000 sqm of new halls. Hall LO1 is one of the largest warehouses for the ADR range and meets the highest safety parameters. The location is an ideal availability of manpower and its proximity to central distribution warehouses beyond the German border.

17 177 sqm

Leasable area

  • Grid system: Various
  • Clear height: 5,1 m
  • Facade: Composite
  • Lighting: Sodium
  • Sprinklers: No
  • Docks: 1
  • Drives in: 1
  • Skylights: 5 %
  • Praha (65 km)
  • Lovosice (1 km)
  • Dresden (85 km)
  • Brno (269 km)


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