4. 7. 2024

We are entering the energy infrastructure business

Prague, 4th July 2024

We are entering the energy infrastructure business

Martin Pacovský, a prominent figure in the Czech energy industry and a former director of Pražská plynárenská, who also had a long tenure at ČEZ, introduces his latest project with the investment group ARETE in an interview for Hospodářské noviny.

Currently, Martin oversees the Energy Infrastructure strategy at ARETE, focusing on investments in energy infrastructure, specifically renewable energy projects and flexible power generation solutions primarily in Western Europe and in the Balkans.

Martin's extensive prior experience are within energy transition sector, such as the construction of wind farms in Romania, and energy production from gas. These make him ideally suited to lead our infrastructure and energy acquisitions. The targeted investments include renewable energy sources, large-capacity batteries, and gas-powered electricity generation to balance the grid during periods of low renewable production.

As part of this strategy, we plan to create small energy hubs within our industrial parks, allowing us to efficiently manage energy consumption within the park and trade the generated electricity externally. Our approach emphasizes precise weather forecasting, mathematical modeling, as well as data analysis and positions us well to take advantage of the transitioning infrastructure industry.

You can find the interview with Martin here. 



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