23. 11. 2023


Prague, 23rd of November 2023


Co-founder of the ARETE group, Robert Ides, was a guest on the Ekonomika+ show on the Slovak business channel Televízia TA3.

During the interview with moderator Lenka Buchláková, various macroeconomic topics were discussed. However, the main focus was on investment opportunities during the current crisis. While the short term offers attractive risk-free products in the financial markets, this situation is not sustainable in the long run. Additionally, experts predict a gradual decrease in interest rates in the following months, rates that central banks worldwide raised in the fight against inflation.

"I am optimistic about the coming year or two. It's always important to consider the chosen investment horizon. Sometimes, you need to close your eyes and suppress emotions that do not belong in the financial world. It's supposed to be primarily about numbers and expertise," explained Robert during the interview.

You can find the full interview here.

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