1. 12. 2022

ARETE INDUSTRICAL SICAV is the Best Real Estate Property Fund in the Czech Republic

Prague, 1st December 2022

ARETE INDUSTRICAL SICAV is the Best Real Estate Property Fund in the Czech Republic

ARETE INDUSTRICAL SICAV is the Best Real Estate Property Fund in the Czech Republic! ????

During Thursday's gala evening in Prague, we received the Best Real Estate Property Fund award at the prestigious CIJ Awards!

We are very happy to have been recognized at the 21st CIJ Awards Czech Republic. After the success of the CIJ Awards in Slovakia, this is another very encouraging news. We have always been and will always be a group focused on the Central European region, which is a matter of the heart for all of us. Both parts of our team, the one in the Czech Republic and the one in Slovakia, have been doing a great job for a long time and the award at the CIJ Awards is proof of this for us.

At the same time, we are the only real estate fund in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where we have already closed two funds in closed-end investment cycles, and with the third fund, we are still managing to be not only the strongest performing product of this type on the market.

We will continue to work hard in the years to come also thanks to these awards. Whether it be acquisitions, portfolio management, or looking after our investors, without whose contribution we could not exist. Furthermore, we will continue to work to develop the national economies in our operating countries and, with the help of logistics and investment in industrial real estate, to provide skilled labor to regions where there is a shortage today. In addition, we will focus even more on developing activities based on the ESG principles that enable us to manage our portfolio efficiently and sustainably.

The jury also praised our investment strategy, which is the backbone of the entire ARETE Group. The expertise of the team, the preference for closed investment cycles, the active approach to the management of the portfolio, the in-house development activities, and other aspects are just a few pieces of the mosaic that makes up ARETE. However, these are the qualities that allow us to beat inflation and bring a fund with exceptional performance to the market in a very challenging time. We can promise to do our utmost to replicate these successes in the future. With the support of our investors, partners, suppliers, and advisers, we can do it.

We are grateful for the excellent organization of the evening by CIJ EUROPE. We greatly appreciate the award and look forward to the next year.

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