25. 6. 2024

What Will Be the Fuel of the Future?

Prague, 25th June 2024

Will it be nuclear, gas, hydrogen, renewables, or a completely new alternative? In a public debate held at the Úhlava Education Center in Klatovy, Czech Republic, prominent energy experts gathered to discuss the future of fuels and the energy industry. The discussion focused on several key topics, including renewable sources, nuclear energy, hydrogen, and the possibilities of replacing coal to achieve zero-emission energy by mid-century.

The debate featured nuclear engineer and chairwoman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, Dana Drábová, former chairman of Pražská plynárenská and current Chief Investment Officer of the ARETE ENERGY TRANSITION fund, Martin Pacovský, and advisor to the Minister of the Environment for energy, Martin Sedlák.

The discussion centered on three main topics: the future of fuels, replacing coal, and building new energy sources. The conclusions of the debate can be summarized as follows.

The efficiency of renewable energy sources will increase in the future as new technologies in batteries and solar panels develop. Advancements in energy storage can significantly change the way we use renewable sources today. Hydrogen could also be the fuel of the future, serving as a clean energy source that could replace fossil fuels in various sectors, including transportation and industry. Proper political steps and financial incentives can accelerate the development and deployment of clean technologies. Achieving the set climate change goals and an effective transition to zero-emission energy will also require global cooperation and technology sharing.

If you're interested in the direction of the energy sector and how these changes will affect our lives, watch the full debate here: https://youtu.be/6tvg7pjoTD4

A short excerpt can be found in the attached edited version of the debate.

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