1. 5. 2024

The Era of Interesting Investment Opportunities Approaches

Prague, 1st May 2024

Lubor Svoboda, co-founder of the real estate and investment group ARETE, was a guest on the Ekonomika Plus program of the Slovak television station TA3 on Tuesday, April 23rd.

The discussion with the host Lenka Buchláková focused on long-term investments in today's environment. The current macroeconomic situation brings forth intriguing investment opportunities, particularly in real estate.

What will you hear in the interview?

  • The key attributes of a good investment strategy, including the relationship between returns, liquidity, and risk.
  • The ideal ratio of investment instruments for risk diversification, considering stocks, bonds, private equity, and qualified investor funds.
  • The target audience for real estate funds.
  • The impact of interest rates set by the ECB and ČNB on investments in commercial real estate.
  • Expectations regarding the future movement of stock prices.
  • How this year's super-election year might shake up our investment strategies.


Also mentioned in the program:

"Given that commercial real estate in Western Europe has already seen significant price reductions, the moment when the value of money further decreases will be the right time to purchase properties. At that point, we can anticipate future appreciation."

You can watch the whole interview in the TA3 archive.

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