29. 6. 2023

The approach of ARETE to ESG

Prague, 29th of June 2023

The approach of ARETE to ESG

At ARETE, sustainability, social policy, and responsible corporate governance. This is why we proudly embrace a comprehensive strategy of ESG commitments. The strategy is based not only on environmental responsibility and the sustainability of our business but also on ethical principles and a commitment to the sustainable development and prosperity of local communities.

We are driven by ethical principles and committed to openness and fairness in our relationships with our tenants, investors, business partners as well as our employees. We have developed our complex ESG strategy in collaboration with the renowned consulting agency Ernst & Young, which is among the absolute leaders in the industry.

Pillars of our ESG approach

E (Environmental)

Respect for the environment is essential to us. We aim to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the development and operation of our buildings. We continuously seek further opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of our business.

Our environmental goals:

  • We will secure BREEAM certification for all newly constructed buildings
  • Photovoltaic panels will be installed on all technically suitable roofs
  • By the end of 2030, we will end the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity in all our buildings
  • We will plant one tree for every 500 square meters of newly built rental area

S (Social)

Our constant commitment is to develop sustainable and prosperous local communities. We always prioritize health and safety first. Likewise, the satisfaction of our suppliers, tenants, business partners, and our own employees is our priority.

Our social Goals:

  • At least 90% of our tenants will have long-term leases of five years or more
  • We will support local non-profit organizations and local charitable projects
  • Each year we will conduct at least two employee volunteer activities

G (Governance)

All business activities of ARETE are based on ethical standards and moral values. It is essential for us to apply these values in our relations with suppliers, tenants, employees, and business partners.

Our governance goals:

  • All our employees will complete training on the company's Ethics Code of Conduct
  • We will commit at least 90% of our key suppliers to the Supplier Code of Conduct

In 2022, we prepared all processes and investment strategies so that we could responsibly subscribe to the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability. This year we are continuing our activities and plan to complete the full implementation of ESG.

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