14. 3. 2018

Arete Invest has concluded a new lease contract with Fiege, and the area has grown almost fourfold

Prague / Lovosice, 14th of March 2018

Arete Invest has concluded a new lease contract with Fiege, and the area has grown almost fourfold

 Arete Invest, a fast-growing Czech fund focused on real estate investment, concluded a new five-year lease contract with the logistics company Fiege in March.  From April, it will already expand its storage capacities in Arete Park Lovosice by 7500 m 2 to a total of 9600 m2. Cushman & Wakefield and 108 Agency were consultants during the lease. In addition, Arete Invest is planning to extend the Lovosice complex by another 11,000 m2 storage and production areas.

"We greatly appreciate the step taken by Fiege, which only confirms the strategic location and uniqueness of our logistics park in Lovosice and, at the same time, consolidates our belief in building strategic partnerships with our clients" says Tomáš Novotný, a member of the Investment Committee of the Arete Invest CEE II Sub-Fund responsible for asset management. "By signing the new lease contract, we have succeeded in stabilizing our logistics park in Lovosice for another five years. At the same time, we are working on the preparation of the area for the development of another 11,000 m2 of storage and production spaces."

In the new leased area, Fiege will be attending to Automax, which is relocating its stock of flammable materials and chemicals from its branch in Brno. The extension took place within the existing logistics real estate that has been leased to NCH thus far. The German company Fiege is one of the largest European logistics companies. It employs over 12,000 people in fifteen countries around the world.

Arete Park Lovosice is located in a strategic location right at the exit from the D8 motorway near the German border. The high demand for leasing logistics spaces in this area is leading to preparations for the extension of the entire complex.  The current leasable area of 18,500 m2 is 92 % occupied.

The goal of Arete Invest is to actively manage all the real estate in the portfolio and to appreciate the real estate by, for example, extending the number of lessees, extending lease contracts, deepening relationships with lessees, or using land that has not been occupied thus far for future construction. Arete Park Lovosice is part of the portfolio of the recently opened sub-fund Arete Invest CEE II. The expected value of the assets managed by this sub-fund over the anticipated five-year investment cycle is 200 million euros. The sub-fund aims at the continuous appreciation of the invested investors´ assets in the amount of up 11 % annually, whereby up to 6 % annually is made up of monetary distributions paid out on a quarterly basis. The current yield significantly exceeds these advised values.

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