6. 5. 2024

We're reducing the carbon footprint of the ARETE fleet

Prague, 6th May 2024

We're reducing the carbon footprint of the ARETE fleet

The investment group ARETE has joined The Clean AdvantageTM program and has now received the Clean Advantage® 2023 certificate. This certificate confirms that our group has reduced the carbon footprint of its fleet by compensating for up to 14,771.80 kilograms of CO2. What does this mean?

The Clean AdvantageTM program is operated by CCS CZ, a leading provider of fleet solutions in the field of fuel cards and telematics for businesses of all sizes across industries. Membership in this program involves CCS calculating the carbon dioxide emissions of our vehicles for every liter of fuel pumped into our fleet vehicles and investing on our behalf in projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. These are industrially certified carbon offset projects at the local, European, and global levels, selected according to World Resources Institute (WRI) criteria.

Offsetting CO2 emissions does not mean that our rides themselves are more sustainable, but rather that we are investing in environmental protection projects. We believe that this is one way we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

This certificate demonstrates that environmental respect at ARETE is not just a hollow phrase. ARETE INDUSTRIAL is a "light green" product under Article 8 of the SFDR Regulation and is committed to promoting a policy of sustainability. We are one of the first real estate investment funds in the Czech Republic to implement an ESG strategy according to this European regulation. Reducing the carbon footprint of our business is one of the pillars of this strategy. We advocate for a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the construction and operation of buildings and continuously seek further opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of our business.


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