Breakfast of champions

Six years ago, Lubor Svoboda seized "not entirely sexy" investment opportunities in the form of industrial real estate, from which he and Robert Ides built ARETE - the most profitable real estate funds in the Czech Republic. They can generate a yield of over 20 percent per year and, in addition, they have managed all the pitfalls of the coronavirus crisis with no harm.
You can read the whole article in the September issue of Forbes or in the attached pdf.


Industrial real estate in ARETE is an investment boutique

Real estate is still considered one of the best forms of long-term investment. An interesting form of investment is industrial real estate, which can represent the most stable assets in this period. Robert Ides, co-founder of the ARETE investment group, said more about this topic.
Investments in industrial real estate are not as well known as other types of investment funds. Why did the ARETE group decide to focus on this type of investment?

The whole interview with Robertem Ides can be found here: 

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