22. 2. 2021

We have entered into a partnership with the best Czech professional golfer Ondřej Lieser

Prague, 22 th of February 2021

We have entered into a partnership with the best Czech professional golfer Ondřej Lieser

We are happy to announce that we have decided to support the growth of the career of professional golfer and future Olympian Ondřej Lieser, the best Czech player in the world golf ranking and the first Czech player on the PGA European Tour.

Ondřej is currently preparing intensively for the next Tour tournament and at the same time is already tuning his sport’s form for this year's Olympic Games in Tokyo. Nevertheless, he found time for a short interview with our colleague Tereza Kasarda. They were talking about how he is prepared for the upcoming challenges and who is his biggest inspiration. We bring all this to you in a short interview.

We thank Ondřej for the interview, we keep our fingers crossed for him and we believe that he will be very successful at the Olympic Games and the PGA European Tour as well!

Tereza: What does it mean for you to get full membership on the PGA European Tour, first league of European golf?

Ondřej: It means a lot to me, because I managed to move the boundaries of Czech golf forward. I am the first Czech player in history to win two out of five tournaments in one season, making me the overall winner of the 2020 Challenge Tour.

Tereza: I assume that this season is extraordinary for you in all respects, I mean entry into the PGA European Tour and probable participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo? Are you ready for the challenges of this season?

Ondřej: The last season was definitely successful, I am a player in the second hundred world golf ranking, no Czech player has ever been above. I am definitely ready for the challenges and I look forward to them. Like almost every professional athlete, I would love to play at the Olympics.

Tereza: How important is it for a professional athlete to have strong partners?

Ondřej: Having strong partners is very important for us as athletes. Thanks to my Golf Geum Technology team and strong partners like ARETE, I can focus fully on golf and that helps me a lot in my journey.

Tereza: You have achieved considerable success. What else would you like to achieve? What are your goals?

Ondřej: I learned to win in strong international competition. In 2021 I would like to build on the successes of the last season. At the same time, I would like to play at the Olympics. The way I play shot from shot on fairways and greens, I set goals that I can achieve in the new season and I follow my path step by step.

Tereza: Who or what inspires you?

Ondřej: I am definitely most inspired by my wife, who motivates me to be better and work on myself. From the golf environment, they are the ones who were at the top and despite falling down, they managed to return to the top again.

Ondřej Lieser is a Czech professional golfer who has been a full member of the PGA European Tour since 2021. The young, promising athlete, became the first golfer from the Czech Republic to win the Andalucía Challenge de España on the Challenge Tour in 2020 and received a full playing card on the PGA European Tour. Ondřej was announced the best Czech professional golfer for the year 2020.

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