23. 9. 2020

ARETE’s production halls in Uherské Hradiště and Košice approved for use, investments reaching almost EUR 20 million

Uherské Hradiště / Košice / Prague, 23 September 2020

ARETE’s production halls in Uherské Hradiště and Košice approved for use, investments reaching almost EUR 20 million

“We are glad we have managed to finish construction in both locations within the planned deadlines. We have also coped well with the complications arising from the coronavirus pandemic, which have caused suspensions of construction work and disruptions in material supplies. Yet in spite of this, the premises were ready for the tenants sooner than expected,” said Lubor Svoboda, ARETE group co-founder. “Our own construction projects prove that we are able to further expand our real estate portfolio, significantly contributing to increasing value for our investors. In addition, we want to support – beyond our obligations – the whole regions where we operate. For example in Veľká Ida, where our newly built production premises are located, we have donated a children’s playground to the village,” Lubor Svoboda added.

New premises in Košice

A set of two specialized production halls for Steelcon Slovakia, a member of the Danish Dominion Steelcon Group specializing in the manufacture of steel chimneys, has been built in the Veľká Ida industrial zone. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Košice, Slovakia, and has long been on the radar of foreign manufacturing companies.

“Steelcon Slovakia, a member of the Dominion Group, is a highly stable and globally growing company. It has already supplied over 6,500 industrial steel chimneys worldwide, making it a global leader in the industry. We have acquired a genuinely important long-term tenant for our production hall,” Lubor Svoboda stressed. The funds invested into this construction project, strengthening the attractiveness of the Slovak investment market, amounted to EUR 13 million. The construction work was launched in November and approved in August.

Extension of the hall in Uherské Hradiště

Intensive work on the expansion of the existing Forschner production hall in ARETE’s industrial park in Uherské Hradiště began last year, and the tenant was able to start its preparations for production in the new spaces on time. The project includes, among other things, the construction of modern clean operations for the manufacture of electric vehicle components pursuant to the highest international standards with constant temperature and humidity. The construction project naturally includes a rainwater infiltration solution. Other integral parts of the hall include modern office and sanitary facilities for employees.

The Class A industrial complex in Uherské Hradiště with its excellent transport links to Slovakia and the South Moravian Region has been part of the Arete portfolio for four years now. It offers a total production and storage area of 12,750m2, of which 1,034m2 is specialized clean operations. The entire premises are leased to Forschner, initially a German family firm which has grown into a multinational corporation. It specializes in electromobility, manufacturing cable and electromechanical systems and other components, primarily for the automotive industry. Its clients include Audi, Continental, Daimler, Volkswagen, Philips and Bosch. 

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