Arete is perfectionArete is balanceArete is top performanceArete is high art

The ancient Greek word arete (Àρετή) means perfection, balance, top performance

Glass artwork of the Czech sculptor: ABYSSUS No. 1, RUDOLF BURDA,

Our principles



Our fund has proven track record since 2014 in bringing an attractive annual return

Investor´s funds are used to acquire real estate assets  which are in our full ownership and control and which leads to their effective appreciation.Aerial view of our warehouse space

Our first sub-fund succesfully ended its cycle in 2017, our second sub-fund is currently in the process of closing.

We eliminate risks  through vertical market and geographical diversification. We operate in the region of central Europe, already with active investments on the Czech and the Slovak market.

Our funds of qualified investors operate under regulatory supervision of Czech National Bank.

Our team has long term real-life and hands on experience with management of income-generating real estate assets  worth several billion EUR.

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About us

The Arete investment group was set up around the Arete Invest investment fund, which invested in commercial and residential properties through its sub-funds.

The first sub-fund, Arete Invest CEE, investing in residential properties, ended its investment cycle in 2017 while investor ´ s fund were succesfully appreciated.

In the first quarter of 2019, a new fund Arete Industrial, was established targeting assets in a value of 500 million EUR. The strategy of the fund is built to invest into completed industrial properties and to develop new production and logistic parks. The fund’s portfolio will therefore include not only completed income generating industrial parks but also land plots for further development.

The Arete group now includes the Arete Invest fund and its sub-fund Arete Invest CEE II and the newly established Arete Industrial fund. Both funds are intended solely for qualified individual and corporate investors and their activities are subject to audits and surveillance by the Czech National Bank.

Mandatory Notification

Arete history

  • 7/2014- ARETE INVEST registered on the Czech National Bank list of investment funds
  • 10/2014- Establishment of fund for qualified investors ARETE INVEST
  • 12/2014- with the approval of the Czech National Bank, ARETE INVEST creates the company´s first sub-fund – ARETE INVEST CEE (as one of the very first ones within the structure of the new legal regulations of SICAV within the territory of the Czech Republic)
  • 1/2015- The purchase of a residential portfolio for the sub-fund ARETE INVEST CEE with a size of about 300 housing units, opening the active administration of assets and their continuous appreciation
  • 1/2015- Procuring financing the a sub-fund by a bank (the first company financed within the territory of the Czech Republic owned by an investment sub-fund in the structure of SICAV; in cooperation with the Raiffeisenbank Group)
  • 2/2016- with the approval of the Czech National Bank, ARETE INVEST establishes already the second investment sub-fund ARETE INVEST CEE II
  • 4/2016- The purchase of the first three companies owning industrial real estate (Uherské Hradiště, 2x Lovosice) for the portfolio of ARETE INVEST CEE II
  • 4/2016- The first financed company owned by the investment fund in the structure of SICAV within the UniCredit Bank Group within the territory of the Czech Republic
  • 7/2016- The purchase of two more companies owning industrial real estate in Písek for the portfolio of ARETE INVEST CEE II
  • 9/2016- The successful sale of the residential portfolio owned by the first sub-fund ARETE INVEST CEE to an investment fund with a foreign banking structure
  • 11/2016- ARETE INVEST entered the Alternative Investment Management Association in London as a second Czech member:
  • 1/2017- ARETE INVEST CEE II proactively launches its business in Slovakia, investment in the purchase of a company owning industrial premises in Žilina
  • 3/2017- The purchase of two companies that own A-class premises in Nové Mesto nad Váhom
  • 5/2017- We are one of the first within the territory of the Czech Republic to successfully start closing the economic and legal issues of the ARETE INVEST CEE sub-fund (while achieving the appreciation of investors´ funds in excess of100 % p.a. for the period of 26 months of the active portfolio administration of the sub-fund ARETE INVEST CEE)
  • 6/2017- ARETE INVEST received Special award for innovation and transparency on Czech investment market from associaton Czech Top 100 tracking the most significant and successful companies in Czech republic every year
  • 1/2018- ARETE INVEST CEE II further expands its portfolio, investing in the purchase of an industrial building in Vyškov
  • 6/2018- ARETE INVEST was awarded by Czech Top 100 association for the second time. ARETE INVEST was given the Special Award for dynamic capital appreciation and transparency in the segment of real estate funds
  • 7/2018- ARETE INVEST became the associate member of Czech Capital Market Association as a first real-estate investment fund
  • 7/2018ARETE INVEST launched the construction of another hall at its Slovak industrial and logistics site in Nové Mesto nad Váhom
  • 12/2018- ARETE INVEST receives a prestigeous prize, CIJ Awards - Best Perfomance Fund Manager
  • 3/2019- Arete established another investment fund Arete Industrial, focused on purchase, operation and construction of industrial real estate in Central Europe
  • 4/2019- Arete successfully completed the construction of a new logistic hall in the logistic park Nove Mesto nad Vahom for the Factcool Group, an international network of fashion stores
  • 5/2019- Hospodářské noviny has announced Arete Invest CEE II as a a clear first with the highest average return for the last three years amounting to 30 % p.a. in its official rankings comparing investment funds of qualified investors in Czech Republic
Lubor Svoboda
Founder / Chairman of Administrative Board

Lubor has 17 years of top management experience in real estate and corporate acquisitions in the Czech financial and regulatory environment.

Robert Ides
Vice-chairman of Administrative Board

Robert has over 12 years of international management consulting background with focus on complex M&A and strategic projects.

Tomáš Novotný
Member of Investment Committee

Tomas has over 12 years of real estate experience with a focus on logistics and industrial segments; having worked previously at reputed powerhouses such as P3 Logistics Parks and CTP Invest across the CEE region. His core expertise includes both asset management and development of portfolios valued at over EUR 2.5 billion covering over 3 million sqm.

Karel Bartes
Member of Investment Committee

Karel’s competencies and skills include strategic planning, CRM and project management. His 12 years of real estate experience covers private and institutional investors, qualified investors funds  and stock exchange listed real estate funds.

Martin Konečný
Member of Administrative board

Martin contributes to the board with over 25 years of expertise in finance, project management, risk management at KPMG, Citibank and P3. Martin has been responsible for finance, operations and risk management at P3 Logistics Parks while managing portfolio with over € 3 billion AUM for nine years.